Compostable and Reusable Turtle Friendly Drinking Straws


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Clear PLA Straw 10 inch

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Our most popular product, these compostable and Renewable PLA straws are made with PLA which is a plant based plastic made of corn.   These straws are 10 inches long, thick, and have a moderately wide opening perfect for smoothies and all beverages.   Each straw is clear and individually wrapped proudly wearing the Turtle Buddy logo.   All Turtle Buddy sales benefit organizations that clean our beaches and oceans.

Our compostable straws are a conventional plastic straw’s ‘green doppelganger.’ These PLA-derived straws look and sip like conventional straws, but they’re chemically compostable. This offers a huge benefit over conventional plastic, which clogs our oceans and harms marine life. Thanks to the near-identical plastic mouthfeel of PLA, it’s easy to swap those old straws. Order today and save the Earth with each sip. Here’s how it happens:

      • Each Turtle Buddy straw is made from 100% renewable resources. Conversely, conventional plastic straws harness the power of petroleum, which is not renewable.
      • With a heat tolerance of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, PLA can be used in room temperature and cold beverages alike.
      • Turtle Buddy care and storage concerns are very similar to conventional plastic; with PLA straws, it is important to store away from direct sunlight.

Turtle Buddy straws meet ASTM standards for composting. It is important to note that PLA straws do not disintegrate in a home composting situation.

For more information about the benefits of PLA, click here

    • Identical Look and Feel Compared to Petroleum Based Plastic Straws – Just as sturdy and sleek as plastic straws except they are non-toxic and compostable.
    • NOT Petroleum Based – Petroleum is a finite resource and plastic straws take up to 500 years to break down naturally.  
    • Made to Order -   PLA straws can become fragile after about 12 months.  Our straws are always just weeks old.   We are a manufacturer not a distributor.
    • Lower Carbon Footprint – PLA straws require about half the energy to produce compared to traditional plastic straws.