Compostable and Reusable Turtle Friendly Drinking Straws


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Where are you located?

Turtle Buddy is based in beautiful Tampa, FL. All straws ship from here.

How much of our ocean waste is caused by straws?

It is estimated that just under half of one percent of our ocean waste is comprised of drinking straws.   Although that isn't as significant as many believe, responsibility has to start somewhere.  We've always labeled ourselves a great "stepping stone" toward environmental responsibility.

What’s the difference between traditional plastic and PLA compostable plastic? 

Traditional plastic is petroleum based which has a finite supply.   PLA is corn based which is a renewable resource.

Do you have any promotional material I can use for my customers?

Yes, definitely.  Contact us for more information.

Where are Turtle Buddy straws made?

Currently, our straws are manufactured in Asia. Stay tuned: we’re in the process of purchasing straw making equipment and bring our operation to the United States.

How soon will my order ship?

We’re in the warehouse every day preparing your stellar straws, and orders are shipped Monday through Friday. Chances are good that if you order before noon Eastern time, your order will ship the same day.  If there are any shipping delays, we will contact you immediately regarding your order.

What quality are your straws?

We like to say that our straws are great plastic imposters. They perform just like the traditional strong and thick plastic straw. They do not crack or collapse. Remember: we’re smoothie junkies, and there’s nothing that tests out a straw better than a thick, frozen drink. Turtle Buddy straws pass with flying colors.

You’ll notice that our straws are fairly wide. Americans have become used to poorly made, moderately thin straws; it costs less to manufacture them. Our wide straws are more versatile. They work well with thick and thin beverages alike.

 Technical nerds, here’s what you need to know: The diameter of the Turtle Buddy straw is 7mm. By comparison, most straws are 5mm or 6mm.

What sizes of Turtle Buddy straws are available?

We currently sell 10-inch and 7.75-inch straws. Select the longer straw for beverages of 20oz+; the shorter model is ideal for 12-16oz drinks.

Do you sell in bulk?

Name your number; we’ve got this. Turtle Buddy even has a volume pricing matrix for all of our compostable straws, complete with price breaks at various quantity increments. Contact us at to receive a quote.

What customization options are available?

The straw’s the limit! We will create your custom PLA straws in your choice of thickness, width and length. Fancy a brightly colored sipper? We have a variety of hues to choose from. Minimum quantities do apply, but we’re always looking to add new products to our lineup.

Can you put my logo on your wrapper?

Of course! But before you go logo-happy, consider this: A Turtle Buddy straw’s eco-friendly message brings value to your business. The actual straw is so well made that it is nearly indistinguishable from a conventional plastic alternative, so if you want your customers to know they’re at an establishment that cares about the Earth and ocean life, we recommend you leave the Turtle Buddy logo on the wrapper. Full disclosure: we also do not mind the brand exposure (wink, wink).

Can I purchase unwrapped straws?

Yes! …and no. We’re working on it. Branded straw dispensers and holders are in the pipeline. That way, your customers can give you full credit for your eco-conscious choice to offer turtle-friendly drinkware.

What other straws do you feature?

Let’s be up-front: the PLA straw is our first love. Still, we carry any and every straw that we consider to be “turtle friendly.” After all, the turtle isn’t turning his nose up at other options. We sell bamboo straws and are currently working on designing and manufacturing our own paper straws.

What is the minimum quantity for a custom straw order?

We’ve set our minimum at 300,000 straws. However, if we believe other customers may wish to purchase the straws from you, we may lower the minimum to 100,000 or less with a signed intent to purchase. Email us at: for more information, and we’ll put together a custom quote.