Compostable and Reusable Turtle Friendly Drinking Straws


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We are turtle-loving straw purveyors – and thanks to our compostable suckers, that’s not a contradiction. Turtle Buddy is a company founded by smoothie junkies in Tampa, Florida who love enjoying 30-degree drink concoctions and saving the Earth. Like most Floridians, we’re beach lovers, so when that sea turtle video nearly broke the Internet in 2015 (viewer discretion advised) we looked at the neat lines of red straws on our tables with horror. A sucking revolution was in order. The idea for Turtle Buddy compostable straws was born.  

Those mounds of traditional plastic choking the ocean and its creatures inspired us to innovate. What if straws could break down naturally after their sipping duties were finished? Such straws would be sturdy enough to withstand a thick smoothie and designed to decompose. Turtle Buddy straws do just that. Paper straws are flimsy and can begin disintegrating during use; Turtle Buddy compostable straws are a sturdier alternative that’s still Earth-friendly. No turtles are harmed when our straws end up in the compost bin.



Smoothies aren’t the only drinks lucky enough to be sipped through Turtle Buddy compostable straws. Different diameters are available as well. And for every straw purchase, we donate to a variety of organizations that helpprotect our beaches and oceans.

All orders over $50 quality for free shipping, and our easy reordering system allows you to adjust shipment quantity and frequency. Simply ‘set it and forget it.’ Yes, straws can be eco-friendly. Order a sample of the straws that receive the sea turtle shell of approval and see for yourself how to save the Earth – one Turtle Buddy straw at a time.