Compostable and Reusable Turtle Friendly Drinking Straws


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How We Give

It’s our Turtle Buddy hope that the mere existence of our bamboo and PLA straws will have a positive impact on the environment. We go a step further three different ways.

1) We donate to a variety of organizations that help clean our oceans and beaches.
2) We clean up trash ourselves.  Yes, our company cleans up trash ourselves on a weekly basis, and we've gotten really good at it.
3) We sell merchandise.  EVERY t-shirt, hat, and box of bamboo straws you purchase comes with the cleanup of a 5 gallon bucket of trash.  You will be emailed a photo of the cleanup which includes a board thanking the purchaser personally for the purchase.   These also make great gifts as you can wear your Turtle Buddy merchandise proudly knowing that it DIRECTLY helped cleanup our oceans and waters.

So, what is our end all be all goal regarding trash cleanup?  It sounds insurmountable, but our goal is to eventually help cleanup the Pacific garbage patch.  If you don't know what this is, please click the link above or read on.  There is a patch of garbage that has been estimated to be twice the size of Texas that is located between California and Hawaii.  It's huge, and it's really sad, BUT if there is one thing we know it's that collectively, humans can accomplish about anything when we want to, and when we work together.  It is estimated to cost around a billion dollars to clean up this floating mess.  Again, this seems insurmountable, but it would ONLY cost each American $3 to make it happen.   Yes, only three dollars.

So, how can you help?  The best, easiest, and cheapest way to help is to read up on the Pacific garbage patch, and help educate others.  Let them know that this is a huge deal, but it would only cost $3 per American to fix this mess. 

The other way you can help is to cleanup trash yourselves.  You may not have access to an ocean nearby, but we realized that most ocean trash doesn't start in the ocean.  A LOT of this debris starts on the side of the road and works it's way to our oceans.   Any cleanup at all is better than no cleanup.  Always leave a place cleaner than when you got there.

In an attempt to be completely transparent with our clientele, we’ve pledged to post photos of our trash cleanup efforts to our Instagram, and  we also post a copy of our donation checks on this page every month (see below). We want you and your customers to know that when you purchase straws and Turtle Buddy products, you’re doing good.  Support ocean cleanup, and receive great products at the same time? It’s a win-win.

Contact us if you're interested in getting your organization added to Turtle Buddy’s philanthropic endeavors - and check this page often to see our donations soar!