Compostable and Reusable Turtle Friendly Drinking Straws


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Pink PLA Straws

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Pink PLA straws available in two different sizes.  Used at the best smoothie shop in  Tampa ~ Xtreme Juice.
    • Identical Look and Feel Compared to Petroleum Based Plastic Straws – Just as sturdy and sleek as plastic straws except they are non-toxic and compostable.
    • NOT Petroleum Based – Petroleum is a finite resource and plastic straws take up to 500 years to break down naturally.  
    • Made to Order -   PLA straws can become fragile after about 12 months.  Our straws are always just weeks old.   We are a manufacturer not a distributor.
    • Lower Carbon Footprint – PLA straws require about half the energy to produce compared to traditional plastic straws.